So when a pie not a pie? Since “Empowering Yourself” by Harvey Coleman came to the fore.

There are some key guidelines to follow;

Number one, “Nobody said it was going to be fair!” For those who really want to reach the top rung of the ladder, no sacrifice is too great. Fluency is the ability to communicate and fit into an environment without conscious thought. In order to advance, you must be fluent in the next level’s language.

P.I.E.: There are three elements important to players who want to fine tune their skills and move up in their profession.

They must:

  • Performance = 10%
  • Image = 30%
  • Exposure = 60%

To do it let’s skim the surface, literally and see where it can get us to;

Performance, this is only valued at 10% but failure to perform in your current role can be cataclysmic. If you are making time for other people and projects but neglecting your own duties, there is only one person this effects – YOU!



Image should be professional and consistently upheld, the mantra of dress for the job you want, not the job you had rings true. If the next echelon of employment norms a shirt and tie or blouse and jacket. That’s the way you will need to dress so it’s quite easy to start early. Being fluent in the language and referencing wider strategical aims of the company can also be of benefit here.

Exposure, make sure the people responsible know that it is you that has been responsible. That project that was on it’s last legs but you dragged it over the line – pin your name to it! Become a go to person that is reliable, dependable and does everything with the upmost integrity. This is 60% of the PIE and by far the hardest to master. Once you have, it’ll just be a matter of time!

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