So when it comes to coaching what is it that we should do and what is it that we shouldn’t?

It isn’t always the same process to get the most out of people and support their journey. I use the term people as that seems to be the golden rule, every player, athlete, fighter that steps on to a pitch, track or dojo is first and foremost a person – Treat them this way.

  • Do ask them how their day has been – this will affect how they perform throughout the session.
  • Do ask them about their family, children, parents, pets – knowing them is vital to them.
  • Do ask them what they have eaten today – nutrition effects training.
  • Do let them know that you care about them and their improvement – it can work wonders!


So knowing and understanding your player, athlete, fighter can help you to manage your session, can we expect the best from performance from a person whom has had a long day, their child isn’t well, they’ve not managed to eat much? –

No, but by them knowing you know this can fit the session to them and maximise the situation for all involved.

So here are the golden don’ts;

  • Don’t ignore them as they arrive – there should be some interaction with everyone.
  • Don’t treat everybody the same – the needs of everyone is slightly different.
  • Don’t over or under challenge them – establish where they are and where they can get to.
  • Don’t complicate things – Clear and concise challenges will help them to improve.



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